Due Diligence and Your New Home’s Sewer Line

You’ve decided to purchase a home in a beautiful, well established neighborhood. You’re excited for mature trees, distinct neighborhood architecture, and a home with “character.”” But before you move into that older house, you might want to consider doing some due diligence on that home’s sewer lines by calling a plumber. Doing this can save you untold sums of money.

Before you purchase a home, the bank usually mandates a home inspection to protect everybody’s financial interests. Few banks require a sewer inspection. But having one done before you purchase that beautiful 75 year old home is a wise move. This is because in many instances tree roots can actually infiltrate sewer lines over a period of time. It doesn’t start out that way. When trees are initially planted, their roots aren’t large enough to cause serious problems. But as they grow, their roots spread and sometimes eventually crack the pipes, entering the sewer line. As they grow more, they stop pipe contents from flowing freely and eventually cause a problematic buildup that is not readily detectable until too late.

Luckily, modern plumbing technology readily allows some plumbers the ability to verify the operating condition of sewer drains and sewer lines from within the pipes themselves. This is accomplished through fiber optic technology that allows plumbers to enter the inside of the pipe system, while results of the inspection are recorded. From there, a plumber will give direct feedback as to the condition of the sewer lines as well as possible repairs that might be needed. Having sewer lines inspected before a home purchase just might come from the homebuyer’s wallet, but remember that in the long run it just might be one of the smartest investments you’ve ever made. If you have any questions about plumbing inspections, feel free to give us a call today!

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